Vehicle servicing; MOTs; Diagnostic inspection; Aircon servicing and diagnostics; Tuning and chipping; and Restoration of your car to its full splendour.




We offer full track day support and car preparation.


DPF Clean


Injection & intake cleaning; DPF cleaning; Cleaner and powerful combustion; Significantly less fuel consumption; and Increases lifetime of cat/dpf




Does you vehicle suffer from uneven tyre wear, Breaking instability & imprecise handling? We will fit Powerflex bushes and improve your driving experience.

At Jacks Sport Ltd we specialise in BMW, Porsche & Mercedes. We repair & service all other makes/models. We offer full resprays, bodykit fitting, full colour changes, alloy wheel refurbishment, and much more. We now offer Bluechem air intake cleaner and fuel system cleaner.



During this difficult time we are offering a free pick up/drop off service


I would like to pass Jenny’s and my thanks for sorting out her Mini, you guys are incredible and your Customer Service first class.  As your aware I am currently in Qatar and I was getting daily updates on how bad the car was, now I receive daily updates on how good the car is!!  thanks to Jack’s, we will certainly be coming back for servicing and other items.

Malcolm & Jenny